What Size Commercial Gas Fryer Do You Need?

commercial gas fryer

When looking to purchase a commercial gas deep fryer a question that people often wonder is how to determine the right size fryer. Commercial gas fryers come in a variety of sizes and choosing the right one for your business can rely on many different factors. The amount of oil a fryer holds can vary by a lot, some fryers are designed to only hold about 5 lbs of oil but it can range to over 200 lbs of oil! Below are listed a few factors to consider when deciding how much fat you need your commercial gas fryer to hold.

How many baskets do you need?

One of the first things you might notice between the different sized commercial gas fryers available is the amount of baskets they feature. You will usually be able to configure a fryer to hold between 1-3 baskets depending on how large it is. Depending on the amount of fryer items that are on the menu and the amount of orders being processed you should consider how many baskets will be needed. Each fryer basket should be filled with only things that won’t cross contaminate and have the same cook time. 

How much food are you frying?

It is important to consider how much food you plan on frying. How much of your menu relies on using a fryer? If most of the food on your menu requires a fryer than you should consider rush times and if you will have the ability to handle them in a timely manner. If your menu consists of less fried items and you can handle a rush with a smaller fryer it would make sense to have extra space in the kitchen during rush time. 

Do I need a filter for my fyer?

It depends on the size of your fryer. Usually fryers that require filters are large and will come with them. In some cases you may have to buy a filter as an accessory, without one frying at high volume will produce debris. The debris causes the oil to become cloudy and unusable, with a filter the life of the oil will last much longer. The reason it is not necessary to get a filter for a smaller fryer is due to the smaller amount of oil being used. By the time the oil is affected by the debris and fryer sediment it already is unusable.
At the end of the day there are many different things to consider when you are purchasing a commercial gas fryer. The most important things to consider are how much space your staff is going to need to move around during the busiest periods as well as much much food you are going to need to be frying at your busiest times. Finding that balance will help you to avoid issues in the kitchen and ensure your customers get their food as fast as possible. If you are still unsure consider contacting a professional that can help you decide what kitchen equipment you might need such as ABM Food Equipment. Speaking to someone who has experience working with many different restaurant owners to find the right equipment can be invaluable in making sure you make the right decision for your business.

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